Emerging Asia

Theme Leader: Professor Andrew MacIntyre, Dean, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Global geopolitics has been transformed since the Australia-US Alliance was formalised with the signing of the ANZUS treaty in 1951. Among the greatest recent changes is the emergence of Asia as a major economic and political presence, but how will the dynamics of this new Asian Century affect the Alliance?

The Alliance 21 Emerging Asia theme is looking at the implications for the Australia-US relationship of the major recent developments across Asia in economics, defence, foreign policy, education and culture.

Theme authors met for two workshops in 2012, the first in January in Washington DC at which draft papers were presented and discussed among the group. The second workshop took place in Canberra in August and saw the final papers presented – these are available below.

The central issues for the Alliance in the context of an emerging Asia include:

  • The regional context of the Australia-US alliance
  • The influence of global economic movement on Asia and the Alliance
  • US-Australia policy approaches towards China
  • What emerging Asia means for soft power in the region.

A forthcoming paper by Professor MacIntyre will provide an overview of the theme’s findings, with a focus on these central issues.

Authors and Papers:


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